3YO Registration

3YO Registration

Enrolments for 2021 3 Year Old program are not yet open. The enrolment period will open on the 1st Sunday in May each year (Sunday 3rd May 2020) and will close on the Friday, 13 days later. Enrolment is open until the last mail on that Friday (Friday 15th May at 6pm).

To be offered a position the completed application form must have been received in the enrolment period in the year prior to attendance.  The application is only complete when the application form is submitted, with the child’s proof of age (Birth Certificate) attached and the non-refundable $20 application fee paid by the close of the enrolment period.

  • Please find Application Form here (Application forms will not be accepted until 10am Sunday 3rd May 2020).
  • Please ensure that you email a copy of your child’s birth certificate to the enrolment officer.
  • The non-refundable $20 application fee can be paid via the bank details on the application form. 
  • ALL the above needs to be completed by the end of the enrolment period.

Parents who wish their child to repeat the 3 Year Old Kindergarten program at Elonera, without recommendation from the teacher must re-enrol their child via the normal enrolment period.

If there are more applicants than places then the following weighted priority system will apply. If there is an excess of children meeting any of the criteria then a ballot will take place which will be drawn by the Enrolment Officer and overseen by the Executive Committee.

Weighted Priority System

  • Criteria One

Children having a second year in the 3 year old program at the recommendation of the teacher.

  • Criteria Two

Any child currently attending, or who has a sibling who has attended, Elonera Pre-School from most, to least recent.

  •  Criteria Three

Children who live within the boundary  – see map below

  •  Criteria Four

All other children

Where the total number of applications exceeds the number of places, additional children will be placed on a waiting list, in order of the weighted priority system.

Applications received after the closing of the enrolment period will be allocated vacancies/ or placed on the bottom of the waiting list, in order of date of application received. If there is an excess of children meeting any of the criteria then a ballot will take place which will be drawn by the Enrolment Officer and overseen by members of the Executive Committee.

* This is the selection criteria for Elonera Preschool only. Other kindergartens criteria may vary.

The boundary is bordered by Lower Dandenong Road to Long Street.  From Long Street along Nepean Highway to Warrigal Road.  South along Warrigal Road to Como Parade East.  Along Como Parade East to White Street. Along White Street to Nepean Highway.  North Along Nepean Highway then east up and including Ashmore Avenue, Collocott Street and David Street and Warren Road to Collocott Street Roundabout.   Continuing along White Street and south into Bradshaw Street. The eastern border incorporates all streets up to and including Bradshaw, Verbena & Scarlett Street, re-joining at Lower Dandenong Road.

Please see the Elonera 3 Year Old Enrolment policy

Please see the Elonera Fees Policy