Mission Statement

We strive for excellence in implementing high quality play based programs which enrich children’s learning. We value safe collaborative and respectful relationships with our community to provide quality learning outcomes for all children and families.

Our Philosophy


We advocate, respect and promote children’s rights. We believe that each child is a competent and capable learner with the right to be respected as a unique individual.

Children as citizens are supported in developing a sense of well-being to be and become confident, secure and thoughtful members of our learning community.

Each child is an integral part of our community and the connections between the children, their families and the wider community is recognised, celebrated, strengthened and promoted.


We develop respectful and collaborative relationships with all families so they feel valued and engaged in shared decision making to support their child’s learning. 

We strive to promote our families values of kindness, respect, honesty and inclusivity. 

We strive to advocate for families from diverse and complex family situations to access community services, resources, programs and to work within the child protection laws and responsibilities.

4 year old kindergarten Elonera Parkdale


We facilitate each child’s learning through play-based approach, informed by contemporary theories and theorists, that is holistic in incorporating their physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual well-being. 

We facilitate learning opportunities that reflect on children’s ideas, interests, and personal experiences to foster their skills in becoming lifelong learners.

Our curriculum will offer opportunities for children to express themselves using their ‘hundred languages’  

Learning spaces are designed and set-up thoughtfully to scaffold children’s learning, presenting opportunities for sustained shared thinking and collaborative learning. 

Our outdoor learning environment fosters an appreciation and connection with nature as a basis for sustained environmental care and awareness. 

Our curriculum promotes children’s spontaneity, risk taking, and stimulates exploration, research and construction of theories to understand our world.


Create and maintain safe environments where children have the right to feel nurtured, respected while being provided the time and opportunity to develop their sense of identity.

Engage in critical reflection and ongoing professional learning to review the quality of teaching and learning strategies and are committed to continuous improvement.

Educators are life-long learners alongside children, families and colleagues. 

Demonstrate intentional teaching practices that are, thoughtful and purposeful in building the children’s foundations for successful learning.

Advocate early childhood education and the provision of high-quality education and care. We maintain a culture of ethical practice and in pursuit of social justice and equity. 

Educators use the practice principles of the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, National Quality Standards and the educational principles of Reggio Emilia to underpin practice and curriculum. 


We strive to create a connected community where every member of the kindergarten feels respected, included and valued. 

We endeavour to demonstrate respect for all cultures of the Kindergarten community while acknowledging our First Nation People, we seek to collaborate with leaders and cultural groups in the community to increase our knowledge and understanding. 

We demonstrate a commitment to promoting the value and contribution of our Kindergarten within the wider community.

Committee of Management

Engage with all stakeholders to ensure the guiding principles and values of the Kindergarten, and its daily operations are ethical, responsible while setting clear directions for the effective operation of a quality service.

Elonera prides itself on the positive working relationship between educators and the committee of management. Every effort is made for open and ongoing communication, where a culture of respect creates an environment of trust and collaboration.



Brilliant kinder. Can’t compliment the teachers and assistants enough. And my boys loved running around the spacious grounds, a great way to burn energy.
Shellie M (parent)

An amazing kinder with great staff who implement a wonderful play based learning program. The bush kinder program was great for my daughter too,
Sascha N (parent)

Best thing I ever did was send my son to Elonera. So much better than doing 4 year old kinder in a day care setting. Grounds and teachers are amazing. The best experience!
Belinda P (parent)