Bush Kinder

Bush Kinder

Bush Kinder Program

Bush Kinder runs as part of the 4 year old Koala group and takes place during the Friday morning session (term 2 and 3 only) at Braeside Park

At Elonera Preschool we believe in the importance of nature and outside play in a child’s learning and development. Numerous studies also support the need for children to spend time outside in nature.

Children are natural learners. Bush Kinder, held at Braeside Park, will provide your children with the ideal learning environment: time and space to play in a natural setting, materials provided by nature and their own interests and enjoyment spurring them on in their learning. They will have the opportunity to play in the rain and the mud, roll on the wet grass, manipulate sticks, find insects, birds, animals and plants that engage their interest, use natural materials in creative ways, explore their understanding of the natural world, climb trees, expand their knowledge and hone their skills, and share these experiences with their friends, parents and teachers. Bush Kinder will be a special part of your child’s total kinder experience.

Each child’s developmental progression, advancing skill levels and particular interests will be noted by their teachers. The teachers will use this knowledge to support the children’s learning (just as they do at kinder). Teachers will support children as they take considered risks and face challenges essential to well- rounded learning. Stories will be told, knowledge will be shared, songs will be sung, and fun will be had.

Through play the children will connect with and grow to respect and love this natural environment.

They will connect with their land in a way that cannot be done under a roof or within walls.

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